Wireless 101

Replacing cables with radio links – this has been one of the most important issues for many years, especially in automation industry. We have put together the most important facts about radio data transmission and our smart radio system DATAEAGLE in the whitepaper "Wireless 101".

It is intended for anyone who wants to understand more about industrial wireless solutions or is already using it. It explains the difference between a cable connection, a transparent radio link as well as one with patented pre-processing because these play a crucial role in the stability and reliability of a radio link. You will get to understand more about the influence of latency in control protocols e.g. PROFIBUS and PROFINET as well as industrial safety applications such as PROFIsafe and openSAFETY.

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  • Whitepaper with 16 pages in PDF format
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mockup-whitepaper-wireless101 - Radio data transmission explained!

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