In our modern world, wireless communication systems play a crucial role in the networking and interaction of people, devices and systems. Wireless technology is ubiquitous, giving us access to information and services that enrich and facilitate our everyday lives.

But as our dependence on these technologies grows, so does the need to ensure their security and reliability. Especially in process-driven industries, ensuring functionality and resilience is one of the decision criteria when choosing the appropriate data transmission technology.

In our webinar, we give you insight into many application examples directly from industrial practice and clarify relevant background knowledge as well as success factors for your wireless project.

What is to expect in our webinar:
  • Implementing safety applications with radio: Decision criteria and specifications for your project in the industrial environment
  • Important safety guidelines for data transmission by radio
  • The importance of SIL certification and why wireless technologies can do without it
  • Reliable, fast and secure: The key factors for reliable safety transmission
  • Advantages and disadvantages of alternative technologies in radio projects in industry
23.04.2024, 09.30 - 10:30 o'clock
16.07.2024, 09.30 - 10:30 o'clock
19.11.2024, 09.30 - 10:30 o'clock
Online via Zoom
Target Audience
  • Maintenance staff
  • Project Engineers
Didier Kärst
Industrial Wireless Expert

Bonus for all registrations: Whitepaper Technology Comparison + Safety Check for your application

As a bonus for your registration, you will receive an expert consultation with a focus on Quick Check Safety. You will also receive our tried-and-tested whitepaper on technology comparison as a practical handout.