From WLAN and Bluetooth to RFID and IoT, wireless technologies have revolutionized the way businesses communicate, share information and connect with the world around us. The range of communications and data transfer capabilities to make business processes more efficient, faster and more cost-effective has never been greater: the possibilities of wireless technologies are almost limitless, offering companies of all sizes and in all industries innovative solutions to improve their competitiveness. With choice, however, comes decision-making paradox: Which wireless technology is right for companies in the industrial environment your application?

In our webinar, we'll give you insight into the possibilities with wireless and show you the success factors for a wireless project. In addition, we will provide you with concrete instructions that you can use to test your application to see if it can be reliably implemented with radio as a data transmission technology.

What you'll learn in the webinar:
  • Which applications in the industrial environment can be reliably implemented with radio?
  • What requirements must be met to ensure interference-free radio transmissions in an industrial context?
  • 4 factors for a successful wireless project
  • Hands-on: How to check in the quick check whether your project can be reliably implemented with radio
19.03.2024, 09.30 - 10:30 o'clock
25.06.2024, 09.30 - 10:30 o'clock
22.10.2024, 09.30 - 10:30 o'clock
Online via Zoom
Target Audience
  • Project Engineers
  • Maintainer
Zubair Kahn
Industrial Wireless Expert

Bonus for all registrations: Handout "Quick Check"

As a bonus for your registration to the webinar, you will receive our project guide incl. quick check as a practical handout. Quickly and reliably check for yourself whether your application is suitable as a radio project!