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Our project guide provides you with a reliable assessment of your current industrial project and whether it can be implemented using wireless radio technology. The practical traffic light system of the four "Quick Checks" gives you valuable insights into the suitability of wireless technology for your project and which solution works best for your use case.

The project check summarizes our practical experience from more than 40 years in industrial wireless data transmission and offers you an important basis for finding the right technology for your project - and to reliably lead your project to success!

This is what you can expect from the project guide:

  • Suitability of wireless radio technologies for different applications incl. valid guidelines for wireless systems

  • Practical quick check with traffic light system for self-assessment of your individual project

  • Tips for suitable antenna technology depending on the type of application and project plan

  • Comparison of different system setups (topology) according to the required range of the wireless connection

  • Forms of data transmission and suitability for the application of data transmission via radio

  • Important notes on the timing of data transmission via radio

  • Bonus: Free expert feedback on your answers to the quick checks and possible open questions

  • Bonus: Digital online checklist with more detailed questions on your project for further expert feedback on your industry project

Download the free project guide now and find the answers you need to make your industrial project a reality!

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